Today I had a huge scare. Ken and I were going to run to Wachovia, Staples, and Home Depot. Eliz gave me our mortgage payment to take to the bank and some envelopes to drop in the mail. I put them in my shirt pocket while I took a couple of eye drops.

After I finished pinching my tear duct closed to keep the drop in my eye, I stood up and attempted to remove the check/mortgage stub and the envelopes out of my pocket. They weren’t coming out easy, so I looked down while I pulled up. I ended up poking myself in my eye with the corner of the envelopes and check. It hurt quite a bit. My eye teared badly and my vision was very fuzzy. I felt like I was going to be sick. I thought I had done some damage to the eye that was operated on only 11 days ago.

I wanted to go have it checked out. Eliz called our local ophthemologist, John Ruffini, and was told I could come right over. Eliz couldn’t take me, because we had someone out sick and there was nobody to man the supply portion of the business (don’t get me started on all sacrifices that we make to own our own business…) Ken offered to take me over to Taylor for my appointment.

I seems that the envelopes had caused an abrassion to my cornea, but the not too close to where the suitor is located. Dr. Ruffini told me that it wasn’t deep and didn’t affect my new 69 year old endothelia since that is the inner most part of the cornea. He took my pressure, which was under 10. The drop he gave me to numb my eye (before taking my pressure) made it feel 100% better. Between the numbing drop and the reassurance that I didn’t do serious harm to my eye, the $20 copay was well worth it. I have never been more scared about my eye than I was today.