We Have Tile on Our Bathroom Floor…

Okay, I hear you grumbling, “We have tile on our bathroom floor too, so…”  We’ve lived in our house since the summer of 1993.  Eliz and I picked out the tile for the master bathroom when the house was being built.  I just haven’t seen it for most of 2008.  Now I do!  After getting over the excitement of seeing the tile, I realized it doesn’t look as good as it did those 15+ years ago.

As I continue to recover, and I start to see things again more clearly than I did before the surgery, I’m reminded of that Bill Murray/Richard Dreyfuss movie What About Bob? Richard Dreyfuss’ character writes a book called “Baby Steps.”  I’m not a big fan of the movie, but baby steps are what I’m taking.  I’m hopeful that I continue to improve.  We’ll see in about 10 days when I return to Dr. Ayres for another post-op visit (this will be my third, but my first in about a month.)

I’ll have to ask Dr. Ayres about some double vision that I have been noticing recently.  I only notice it while out at night, usually while riding in the car.  From a distance, most cars seem to have four headlights and traffic lights are doubled.  In some cases, the oncoming cars have fog lights, but not all of them.  Nothing else I look at seems to be doubled (I’ve tried holding a $20 in my hand, but I only see one…  It wouldn’t help much if I saw two, but it would make me feel like I have a little extra cash 😉 )