One Month Later

It is hard to believe that my surgery was a month ago.  As I’ve stated before, I am looking forward to my appointment on Wednesday.  The lone suitor will be removed.  I hope that doesn’t hurt or effect my vision, because I’ve got a huge amount of work this week.  I also hope that I he reduces the amount of times I need to take the predforte.  Going from four times to times would be great.

We have 31 days left on our lease at 1010 MacDade Boulevard in Folsom and still have no idea where we will move.  I am beginning to stress about how much needs to be done in that time.  We must find something and have a signed lease by Friday so that we can begin packing and moving next week.

I went to Atlantic City yesterday with Alex and Ken.  I had a great time!  I won $7!  I mainly shot craps, but also played some slots.  I love craps.  I was down over $100 within 10 minutes of getting my chips, but after one guy rolled a bunch of numbers I was almost back to even.  A couple of people made their points and that put me up $26, so I walked away.  At one point, I was up $36 on a slot machine ($62 total,) put after walking around for a bit we played a Wheel of Fortune (yes, like the tv show) and Tabasco (yes, the hot pepper sauce) machine that dropped my winnings to $7.