Small Update on My Vision

I’ve been on the eye drop Xibrom for about 10 days now, along with an increase in the number of times per day I take Predforte (from 1x per day to 3x per day.)  Not only hasn’t this regimen helped, but my vision continues to deteriorate.  I visit the retina doc in about a month and the cornea doc a week later.  I’m beginning to wonder what kind of shape my vision will be in at that point.  It can’t be that my local ophthalmologist, the glaucoma specialist, cornea specialist, and retina specialist all missed something, could it?

I had a blood test last week to test for a whole bunch of things including Lyme  disease, diabetes.  According to the less than warm and fuzzy card I received in the mail on Saturday from my doctor’s office, everything was normal.  I have to tell you that I get more personalized mail from Publishers Clearing House.  I was kind of hoping there would be something in the blood test that might give a clue to my vision.  No luck.  I will call my doctor tomorrow to see if she can elaborate further on my test.

At this point, I’m also wondering about what to do about making a living.  I would love to try to continue to build, but that has become increasingly more difficult for me to do.  I haven’t really worked for anyone but myself and Eliz since 1985.  What could I do?  More importantly, who would hire me?  I’m interested in your opinion.  Comment here or over at Facebook ( if you are a friend.