About Me

My Eyes

About David B. GoldsteinI was born in late 1964 with congenital glaucoma. I am also near-sighted. Quite frankly, that combination sucks. I have had 16 operations on my eyes – including a couple of trabeculectomies, an endothelial transplant, and cataract extraction. Most of the operations were done when I was an infant and toddler, though I’ve had three since 4 December 2008. My left eye is the “good” one. For about 15 years I was able to read the 20/60 line on the eye chart (you know, the DAO6 line.) My right eye was never that great. The best I could do with it was see the 20/400 line – the big E.

My Career

I currently own two businesses. My wife and I purchased Salon Supplies + Interiors in February, 2006. We sell salon equipment and sell beauty supplies to salons, barber shops, and stylists in the Philadelphia/Trenton/Wilmington areas from our offices in Media, PA and nationally via our website ForYourSalon.com. I do the majority of the selling on the salon furniture and salon equipment side of the business, design and implement the marketing, place orders with vendors (again, primarily on the furniture and equipment, but, at times, on the beauty supply side too,) and oversee daily operations of the business.

The other business is called Digital Graphics Design. We do graphic and web development work. I know, it’s not something a person with very limited eye sight should really be doing, but at least I don’t have any interest in becoming a pilot or bus driver.

Eliz and I have also started affiliate marketing through our company Millbrook Holdings. We’ve got several sites currently in development (including this one,) including www.TopCarInsuranceQuotes.net, www.WebHostingMarketReviews.info, www.WebHostingBestBuys.com, www.CashQwik.com, and www.ForMySalon.com.