Time to See a Retina Specialist

I received a call from Dr. Pro late this afternoon regarding my OCT scan from Monday.  Before the call, Dr. Pro talked with Dr. Ayers to discuss the scan.  They both agreed that there is swelling in the retina.  Dr. Pro told me that sometimes this occurs when the IOP is low, which mine has been since my trab in 2003.  He didn’t think it would come on all of a sudden from low IOP though.  My IOP has been between five and seven at just about every eye appointment I’ve had since spring or summer 2003 (except for that dramatic increase after the partial cornea transplant when it rose so quickly it made me vomit multiple times on Friday, 5 Dec 2008 — the day after the surgery.)

Dr. Pro recommended a couple of retina specialists at Wills Eye, who also have an office at the Pagoda Building in Bala Cynwyd.  It was too late in the day to get an appointment today, so I’ll call them tomorrow and set something up.  I’d like to get something quickly to stop further decrease in my vision.  I already have an appointment with my local ophthalmologist, John Ruffini, on Friday and will discuss the scan, my options, and the cataract (which was the original reason I made the appointment.)