Lead on, Misty!

We’ve been dog-sitting this week.  I love having a dog around the house again.  Misty is a very sweet dog.  She is calm and rarely barks, though I’m try to get her to say “hello” when people visit.  The best part of her visit is her nightly walk.  Since there is no snow to shovel, it gives me (and Eliz) a little exercise.  We don’t walk too far, just a little over a mile around our development.  It gives Misty a chance to get out and do her business.  If it is still light out when we go for a walk, I’ll even run with her for a little bit.

Tonight was not a pleasant evening for a walk.  We waited until about 8:30pm to head out hoping the rain would be finished.  It wasn’t.  It wasn’t pouring, but it wasn’t a drizzle either.  It was also pretty chilly.  The wind chills were probably at or below freezing.  The worst part was the glare off the rain soaked street and sidewalk.  There were several times I had no idea where I was.  I was concentrating on the next step or two and not my surroundings.  At one point, early on, I was kind of worried.  We were just about passed a house and I heard dogs barking inside.  I thought we had already past the Norris’ house and there is no way that could be Sally or their other dog.  When I looked around to get my bearings, I had no idea where I was.  I knew I was still on our street, but it seemed so different.  The corner, where there is a street light, seemed so far away.  Misty stopped to sniff around and I was able to figure that we were about two-thirds of the way past the next house.  The street light still seemed far down the street, though it was only just past one more house.

Fortunately, Misty sticks pretty much to the sidewalk.  Since it was raining and a bit later, there weren’t any dogs out or wild life to distract her.  After we turned the corner, the street light’s glow faded behind us.  Again, all the houses looked the same.  It was from the glare of their front lights, I figured.  Once we crossed to the other side of the development, it was a little easier for me to see.  We didn’t stay over there long.  The rain and wind picked up and we (Eliz and I) decided to cut our walk short, to Misty’s disappointment.

On the way back, I tried to pay more attention to our location.  Once we got to our street, I felt more comfortable.  I even walked to the correct house (it is easy to spot, since one of our garage lights are out and our house is the only house on our side of the street where you see the garage before you pass the house.)  Once we got back inside, I noticed my vision seemed worse than when we left.  Maybe I strained them while out in the dark, rainy night.  Who knows, ’cause I don’t.  I’m kind of tired of it.  In a little more than two weeks, maybe things will get better.


Misty & Mold

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I thought a new post was in order.  Over the past few weeks I’ve had a ton of bitchin’ and moanin’ to do, but no time to post — lucky for my reader(s).  Maybe if I posted more often, they’d be a bit shorter…

For those of you who are friends on Facebook, sorry to repeat the mold story.  For those of you who’d like to be my friend, go to www.facebook.com/davidbenj.  Since mid-June, water has been leaking into our business, Salon Supplies + Interiors, located in the Delcroft Shopping Center in Folcroft, PA.  At first, it wasn’t that bad.  With each rain storm, however, it has grown worse.  Since we’ve had about 10.29 inches of rain in August, and there were a couple of bad storms the last week of July, some of the carpet hasn’t been dry in over a month!  Over the past two or three weeks, the mold and fungus have really exploded on the walls, floor (both carpet and linoleum,) and ceiling tiles.  I’ll be taking some new pics tomorrow, to document the additional damage from the storms on Friday and Saturday.  I’ll post them here sometime tomorrow.

Since early or mid-July, I’ve been congested.  When I went to the doctor in late July, she asked me if I have any allergies.  I told her I was tested about 10 years ago and nothing registered.  She had a look in my throat and said it was a little puffy.  (She gave me a prescription for Nasonex, but I haven’t started using it yet.  More on that in a second.)  Over the weeks, my congestion seems to have grown worse.  I have trouble hearing out of my right ear (which is really bad, since I can’t see at all out of my right eye…)  Could it be from the mold?  Is H1N1?  Or, does some of it have to do with the new cholesterol drug I was prescribed at the same appointment?  My bet is the mold.  I will start with the Nasonex tomorrow or Tuesday.  I’ve been waiting to use it because I didn’t want to start two new meds at the same time, in case I had a reaction or side effect.

The frustrating thing with the condition of the building is how bad it makes us look.  We’ve had to move product from a storage room that gets a bunch of water with every rain.  There is now cases of product in our showroom, which looks so bad I can’t stand it.  We’ve also had to move product into Eliz’s office, so we now have nowhere in the building to meet with vendor reps.  Ken’s desk is also covered with cases of product.  He now works from home.  If I were a customer looking to open a salon and saw the disarray going on, I don’t know if I’d make a purchase.  This problem has taken our focus off operating the business.  Up to this point, the property management company has done nothing to help us.  I’ll update on the condition of the building tomorrow.

On to some better news: we are dog sitting!  Eliz’s sister’s family is in DisneyWorld for a week, so we are watching Misty.  She is a two to three year old Golden Retriever.  We’ve had her since Friday night, and so far so good.  She seems to like Eliz better than any of us.  We’ve taken her on walks each night, after dinner.  It’s made us miss having Zammy around (he died on 3 August 2004.)  He would have been 12 this coming Wednesday.

Lastly, a quick eye update.  This coming Friday, it will be 10 months since the partial cornea transplant.  My vision has been giving me a bit of trouble over the last few weeks to a month.  I don’t know if it is mold/allergies, the new cholesterol med, or a cornea/glaucoma issue.  Eliz and the kids go to our local ophthalmologist on Tuesday, so I’ll see if I can get in on that.  If not, I go to Wills on 17 September.  It seems like there is a large “hole” (blind spot) in the northeast area of my vision (in my “good” eye — the left eye.)  At times, when I am looking at someone, it almost seems like I am seeing through part of them.  Same thing when I am reading on the computer.  It is not constent though.  I’ve also noticed that while riding a car at night, I see blue (almost indigo) from other cars lights (both headlights and taillights.)  Whatever is wrong, I’m sure it can’t be fixed…