My Last Movie in the Theater?

Today, I went to see The Hangover with Jake and his friend Maya.  I “had” to go, since both are under 17, but in reality, I wanted to go because everybody I know that has seen that film has enjoyed it.  We arrived just before the start time, but the queue at the ticket counter moved extremely slowly.  Once we had the tickets, I walked in with Jake and Maya, got their munchie order, and returned to the lobby with two ticket stubs.  Eliz and I purchased $32.75 worth of goodies (3 small drinks, a small popcorn, a medium popcorn, and an order of pretzel bites.)  Eliz and I carried them into the Theater 9.  She located the kids and gave them their snacks.  She then helped me find a seat.  The movie had just begun and she found me a seat on the left side next to a wheelchair “stall.”  I thanked her and she left to take Jane to Staples for school supplies.

That’s how the movie started out for me.  I felt stupid.  I was carrying my drink and small popcorn, so Eliz had to guide me to my seat by pushing on my right arm to go left, my left arm to go right, and my back to go forward.  Since I was in the front half of the theater, more than a few people saw me “find” my seat.  I felt like a three year old (though, with the cost of my drink and popcorn, better to feel like an idiot or child than to risk dropping my precious snacks…)

Just after sitting down, the opening credits began (the movie had a scene before the credits started however.)  I couldn’t read any of them, which I didn’t really expect to be able to see them.  I may have missed something that said, “Earlier,” or “Two days ago,” because before the credits started, the scene that was playing was one of the guys telling the bride-to-be that they had lost the groom.

I thought the movie was funny, but I’m not sure how much I missed.  I couldn’t really see what was going on, but I knew I was missing something because the audience was laughing when there was no dialog or funny sounds.  There were more than a few scenes that were visual (though one I could follow because of the sounds was the scene where one of the guys is going to the bathroom, the tiger growls, and the man must’ve turned to look, because I could hear him peeing on the floor.)  I think the funniest things I must have missed were the images at the end, as the credits began to roll.  People were laughing hysterically at some of them.  That was the moment I realized that I’ve got to stop coming to the movies.  It is too frustrating to me.  I have already given up on seeing any type of action movie or foreign film in theaters.

I love movies, but when I left the theater today I was upset/frustrated/disappointed.  Should I just stop going to the movies or is there something I could use to help me see what’s going on?  Any ideas?