A Frustrating Week

Well, it has been a week of total frustration.  Since mid-afternoon last Thursday, my vision has not been good.  Every day when I wake up I hope that it will be better, but then I open my eyes.  I’ve got just under three weeks until I visit the retina doc again, but at this point, it seems pretty obvious to me that the drops aren’t working.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been less than a joy to be around this past week.  I have just been miserable.  Even watching the Flyers advance to the cup finals brought me down.  I was there in 1997.  Not this time.  No point in going.  I’ll watch it on TV though.

I’m tired of not being able to find things and having to ask Eliz for help.  I’m tired of bumping into door jams because I go a little wide right.  I’m tired of waiting and hoping.  I want to move forward.