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I Did It All By Myself

Most, if not all of you, will think this isn’t really a big deal.  “Normal” people do this all the time.  What did I do on my own worth writing about, you ask?  I navigated about one-third of the Court at King of Prussia from The Walking Company on the lower level to California Pizza Kitchen on the second level to put our name in for lunch.  I did it without running into any one or any thing.  On Black Friday.  (Though the Court didn’t seem much busier than an above average weekend.  On the other hand, the Plaza was mobbed.  But I digress.)  Sure, by the time I actually got to the hostess, Eliz and Jane had arrived.  I told the hostess my name and the number in our party (four) when I thought she was looking at me.  That was after I had to interrupt Allison, a women in line behind me who either has vision issues as bad as mine or was just really hungry and couldn’t wait to pur her name on the list.

It is always a big deal to me when I do something on my own, but especially as of late.  My vision has been exceptionally poor over the past week to the point that I have spent less time on the computer because it is such a struggle to read most things.  When Eliz and Jane went into The Walking Company, I told them that I’d go put our name in at CPK.  After walking past a few storefronts, I realized it was not going to be easy.  The people I was walking behind went into a store and there wasn’t anyone close enough to follow that was heading the same direction as I was heading.  To make matters worse, there were two groups of people coming from my left and heading to some of the stores on my right.  It kind of felt like Asteroids.  Once I passed those groups I realized I had to go to the upper level to get to the restaurant, which wasn’t too big a deal as long as I could locate the stairs.  Looking around for me while walking is pretty tough, but I didn’t want to stop because I’m stubborn and I wouldn’t need to stop if I had better vision.  I kept moving.

I found my way to the stairs, but just as I got there two people, who were together, were coming down side by side completely blocking my way.  I paused for a second to allow them to get to the landing and then made my way up.  From the top of the stairs to CPK the only thing I nearly ran into was plastic Caution sign.  I avoided the sign and walked into the restaurant.  I made it!  After that, the 30 minute wait for a table was a piece of cake.  If you were wondering, I had a half size of the grilled veggie salad with grilled shrimp.  Only 512 calories and very delicious.

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