Who or What is Kane?

Todays delivery schedule took us into Wilmington with a styling chair and wall-mount workstation. We got a late start since we had quite a few orders to box up. (Besides selling on our site ForYourSalon.com, we also sell on Amazon.com as, wait for it, ForYourSalon — they won’t let us add the dot com since it might take traffic directly to our site.) We also had to head to Newark, DE to pick up our Clairol order. We love going down there, because we usually stop at Cheeseburger in Paradise to eat. Time was tight after we picked up the order, but we stopped for lunch (it was 4.30, but neither Eliz or I had time for lunch earlier.)

After placing our order, I wanted to go to the Men’s Room. Since we’ve been there more than a handful of times, I know where the bathrooms are located. At the time we were there today it wasn’t very busy, so I was pretty confident I could make it there without walking into someone even though we were on the other side of the restaurant. I verified with Eliz how I should walk over there and then proceeded to make my way there. When I arrived at the bathrooms, I looked at both doors. As I mentioned in my last post, my eyes have been extra sucky for awhile, so I couldn’t make out the words on the door. One door seemed to have four letters, while the other door had more. Neither looked like Men or Women.

Frustrated, I walked back to our table. I told Eliz I didn’t know which bathroom to go in (literally.) She had to walk back over there with me and point me into the correct bathroom. I was embarrassed. I asked Eliz what it said on the door. She said Kane was on the door. WTF is Kane? How ’bout putting the man stick figure on the door? It didn’t help that I was hungry…

I brought this up because I read a blog entry the other day on Jalapenos in the Oatmeal titled In the Land of Pretend. In the post, Jeff Flodin writes about how he pretends to do things to look busy or feel important. I don’t think I’m like that. I just don’t want to look out of place or feel stupid. Today it was both.

In case you’re wondering, Eliz had a burger with bacon, honey mustard and fries, while I had the Parrot Beach salmon with broccoli and rice. YUM!


My iPhone

It was time to upgrade our mobiles, so I’d been looking around to see what is the best option for me. I’ve felt left out by not being able to text (not an issue with my phone of course, an issue with me…) For the last few months I’ve looked at a couple of the Droids and the iPhone.  I always came back to the iPhone because of the reviews from blind or visually impaired users. I got my phone about two weeks ago. I’m now wondering if I’ve made the correct choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of having it.  The ability to tweet, send and receive texts, shoot and upload images and videos is truly awesome.  Oh, and the ability to listen to Absolute Radio is well beyond that.  The learning curve for me has been huge.  I’m trying to be patient with it, but it has been frustrating.

I’ve been using the VoiceOver feature for the last week.  This feature reads the screen to me.  The feature works pretty well, but there are some issues (probably me not the device) that drive me a little crazy.  Today, for example, I wanted to tweet.  It wasn’t anything exciting, but I was sitting at Martin Main Line Honda and wanted to “practice.”  Since there was a little noise, I had trouble entering in the letters.  I could enter them, but there were times that I couldn’t hear what letter I had selected.  When using VoiceOver, to enter text, you’ve got to tap three times.  Once to hear the letter, then twice when you’re sure it is what you want.  If I was unsure of a letter, I would lose track of the word and if it was spelled correctly.

I probably should have tried the VoiceOver before I tried the large text and zoom feature.  When using the large text (which doesn’t work on menu items, by the way,) you use the iPhone just like normal people would, by tapping on an item once.  After trying the zoom feature for a few days, I ended up changing some settings because I couldn’t see what I had actually touched while trying to maneuver around the screen (while being zoomed in.)  You can’t use both the zoom feature and the VoiceOver feature at the same time.  I’m not sure why.

I know that I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later, but like anything else I do, I want to do it NOW.  It doesn’t help that I’ve been trying implement things I’ve learned at Affiliate Summit East, go live with a couple of affiliate marketing sites I’ve been working on, learn to use WordPress so that I don’t have to ask anyone for assistance to launch those sites and others, keep running ForYourSalon.com (since that is where most of our revenue comes from,) process orders we receive through Amazon.com (we sell beauty stuff there too,) and move Jake into his dorm at Westtown.  Not to mention local beauty deliveries with Eliz and some Digital Graphics Design work.  I’ve been averaging about five and a half hours of sleep and I don’t see an end to that.